Mr. Tang Chi Kin Chairman of Dongda Yuanlong Holding Company Limited, is an entrepreneur who has vast experience in the business industry especially in the Agriculture and manufacturing sectors.

His passion to bring 'Health to Everyone' everywhere leads him to intensify and focus his Ideologies in health products. With his 'Research and Development' team they have unlocked the secrets to staying young and healthy with their debut premium supplement NMN PLUS.

To ensure that 'Everyone, Everywhere' will have the benefits of this premium supplement, he established 'NMN PLUS Limited' serving as a gateway to international markets.






Dongda Yuanlong

have farms for the cultivation of Mulberry, Avocado and Red Beets, to supplement their manufacturing plants in the production of health products.


 Dongda Yuanlong Agricultural Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.]


Dongda Yuanlong

 own manufacturing plant is essential to maintain constant quality of its products, as well as in cleanliness & precision in supplies.

This is the Dongda Yuanlong

Hallmark of Excellence 


Dongda Yuanlong

constantly invite members & affiliated partners to visit their farms & manufacturing plants to gain first hand knowledge and its operation procedures.

This is the Dongda Yuanlong

Commitment to Transparency


Dongda Yuanlong

contributing back to society by Charity Donations to welfare organisations. Social activities in sponsoring a football club to promote health & recreation. 

Dongda Yuanlong

Contributing back to society

Dongda Yuanlong Holding Company Limited specializes in agriculture and manufacturing,focusing in the health industries, integrating planting, research and development, production, sales and service. The company was established in December 2015 and is currently listed in Qianhai, Shenzhen, China (Listing code: 364781).


Dongda Yuanlong mulberry products include: mulberry wine, mulberry dry, mulberry beverage, mulberry enzyme, mulberry tea, silk mask, etc.  Our mulberry industry, expand and optimizes the ecological circle, reaching out to 'Everyone,Everywhere'.

Subsidiary Companies:

  • Shenzhen Dongda Yuanlong Health Industry Co., Ltd. [ Zhaoqing Sanghu Health Technology Co., Ltd.]

  • Foshan Dongda Yuanlong Zhi Sang Trading Co., Ltd. [ Dongda Yuanlong Agricultural Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.]

  • Dongda Yuanlong Technology Enterprise (Limited Partnership) [ Macau Dongda Yuanlong Co., Ltd.]